Seminário Reiki, História e Ciência – Seminar Reiki, History and Science
Seminário Reiki, História e Ciência – Seminar Reiki, History and Science

Seminário Reiki, História e Ciência – Seminar Reiki, History and Science

A 1 de Julho de 2023 a Associação Portuguesa de Reiki realiza o Seminário Reiki, História e Ciência, em Lisboa, no Hotel Eurostars Universal Lisboa, na Expo.

É com um imenso gosto que a Associação convida os seus associados e todos os praticantes de Reiki, para este encontro internacional onde se falará sobre a história do Usui Reiki Ryoho, cultura que influenciou a criação deste método e a importância de tantas mulheres que trouxeram ao método aspetos que o ajudaram a sobreviver ao longo dos tempos.

Este evento, excepcionalmente, será realizado em inglês. As apresentações serão traduzidas para português e entregues aos participantes.

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On July 1, 2023 the Portuguese Reiki Association will hold the Seminar Reiki, History and Science, in Lisbon, at the Eurostars Universal Lisboa Hotel, in Expo.

It is with great pleasure that the Association invites its members and all Reiki practitioners, to this international meeting where we will share the history of Usui Reiki Ryoho, the culture that influenced the creation of this method and the importance of so many women who brought to the method aspects that helped it survive over time.

This event, exceptionally, will be held in English. The presentations will be translated into Portuguese and delivered to the participants.

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Programa / Agenda

13h30 – Reception

13h50 – Opening – João Magalhães (Abertura)

14h00 – Reiki Ryoho – Frank Arjava Petter (A História de Reiki do Dr. Hayashi)

14h50 – Martial Arts and Reiki – Nathalie Jaspar (As Artes Marciais e Reiki)

15h40 – The Historical Context of Usui Reiki Ryoho through the Poems of Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken – Rika Saruhashi (O contexto histórico do Usui Reiki Ryoho através dos poemas do Imperador Meiji e da Imperatriz Shoken)

16h30 – Coffee-break (Intervalo)

17h30 – Inspirations from the Japanese women who helped Reiki practice to survive – Silke kleeman and Amanda Jayne (Inspirações das mulheres japonesas que ajudaram a prática de Reiki a sobreviver)

18h20 – Takata – a historic figure – René Vögtli (Takata – uma figura histórica)

19h10 – End of Sessions (encerramento)

Valor do Seminário

  • €35 Associados
  • €45 Não associados

O valor de entrada contempla o coffee break e a tradução para português das apresentações dos oradores.

Passe para Seminário Reiki, História e Ciência e Congresso Nacional de Reiki

  • O Seminário Reiki, História e Ciência, dia 1 de Julho, será realizado unicamente em inglês. As apresentações traduzidas para português serão enviadas para os participantes.
  • Passe Seminário Reiki, História e Ciência & Congresso Nacional de Reiki – Associados – €50
  • Passe Seminário Reiki, História e Ciência & Congresso Nacional de Reiki – Não Associados – €75


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O Seminário será realizado no Hotel Eurostars Universal Lisboa, perto da Expo.

Antendee price

  • €35 Members
  • €45 Non-members

The entrance fee includes the coffee break.


The reservation of seats, which are subject to safety regulations, is made using the following form:

Registration is only accepted upon payment.

  • Payment for the Seminar can be made to the Association’s IBAN:
  • PT50 0033 0000 45366862462 05

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The Seminar will be held at the Hotel Eurostars Universal Lisboa in Lisbon, close to the Expo.

Palestrantes / Speakers

Frank Arjava Petter is a German author and workshop facilitator who is best known for his internationally best -selling books on Reiki history and practice that are translated into twenty-two languages.
He has taught thousands of students in Europe, North America, Asia, Australia and Africa. Besides Reiki he also practices and teaches  Meditation as well as Family Constellations.
Arjava lives in Eressos, Lesvos Island with his wife Bhakti Georgia Mouriki and their two children, where they run a retreat center and an organic olive farm.

Frank Arjava Petter
Nathalie Jaspar is a Reiki master with over fifteen years of experience. She’s a graduate teacher from the International House of Reiki and trained with the Center for True Health and the International Center for Reiki. Nathalie studied Zen Buddhism at the Chokai-san International Zendo in Japan and has a second-degree blackbelt in Iaido, the art of drawing the sword.  
Nathalie is the author of Reiki as a Spiritual Practice: an Illustrated Guide and the Reiki Healing Handbook. She is also the host of the Dive Into Reiki podcast that explores the journey of high-profile Reiki masters. Nathalie has been invited to demonstrate Reiki practice at venues such as Soho House, the New York Jet’s Athletic Center, and Fashion Week.
Rika is a Japanese Reiki master living in Madrid, Spain, for over 30 years.
She has worked as a Reiki Master, Interpreter, and Translator at Reiki events and seminars since 1999. She interprets and translates, especially for Hiroshi Doi, a renowned Japanese Reiki Master. She is currently working on translating three of his books into English and Spanish.
Her mission in life is to serve as a bridge between the Western world and Japan. She is happily dedicated to fulfilling that role in her life. She was one of the organizers of the Usui Reiki Ryoho Centenary, held in Osaka, Japan, in April 2023, bringing together 285 people from over 29 countries.
Amanda Jayne and Silke Kleemann are authors of the book Women in Reiki. Lifetimes dedicated to healing in 1930s Japan and today, published in 2021.
Amanda Jayne learned Jikiden Reiki directly from Chiyoko Yamaguchi in 2002. Silke Kleemann first had contact with a Reiki lineage going back to Hawayo Takata, but from 2004 onwards became a student of Tadao Yamaguchi, son of Chiyoko Yamaguchi and her successor as head of the Jikiden Reiki Institute. Today, Amanda and Silke are Daishihan (senior teachers) of the Jikiden Reiki Institute and provide treatments and training up to Shihankaku level (assistant teacher) in several countries.
Silke is a certified naturopath in the field of psychotherapy, she teaches meditation and also works as a freelance writer, editor and literary translator (mainly Spanish into German). She lives in Munich. 
Amanda also gives one-to-one heart circle sessions and writes books for children and adults. In 2006 she gained a masters in Spiritual Psychology in the USA and is currently based in Folkestone on the south coast of England. 
Is full time Reiki Mater Teacher since 1992. Before that, he worked as a commodity trader and lived in Europe, Africa and Asia.
Together with his wife Mischa Vögtli-Egloff they run giving Reiki classes and training Master-teachers globally. They live in Switzerland and Greece and have two sons.
René Vögtli has been founder and member in committees of exclusive and inclusive Reiki organisations. E.g. The Reiki Network, ProReiki, RIO and the European Reiki Group ERG.
He is the source of Reiki-Conciliation focusing on reconciliation within the Reiki community. His projects can be observed on Most notably the talk-show RTalk in which he welcomes guests from all walks of life in the spirit to ‘agree to disagree’.
René Vögtli is considered one of the best connected Reiki professionals in the world. He uses these contacts for the unfolding of peaceful co-existence in an ever more diverse world.

Facebook: REIKI Conciliation
YouTube: REIKI Conciliation